From Donna LiAne

"Reading a recent post on FB by Irene about having made a house-call to someone in distress reminded me of all the healing work she did for me .. and a conversation my daughter and I were having just a few weeks earlier.. my daughter had a client that was talking about having had a massage where the person had prayed over them.. which caused Ashley to remember her first experience with Irene and how she had never felt a persons energy like that before and while it was extremely strange it was also very comforting to her at the same time. I knew immediately upon meeting Irene that she was special and different. My first experience with Irene was that she had come to my salon to see a stylist that had come to work for me.. we had never met before that day & as she walked past me she was compelled to put her hands on my shoulders... instantly I recognized a feeling of concern and Love come from her hands and she looked me in the eyes and said you will be OK you need to come and see me in my office. As I got to know her and started receiving services from her I realized that she is so much more than a "massage therapist" Irene is in every sense of the word a healer she works magic on the body that is true but she also connects somehow to you your soul, your energy .. I had been through some pretty tough stuff before I met Irene medically, physically, emotionally and I can tell you with absolute certainty but I would likely not be walking this earth today if it were not for Irene & her healing spirit that flows from her heart through her hands. It has been many years since I left California and I've had a few massages since then and each one reminded me of how much I miss Irene because the "massage therapists" were just going through the motions.. nothing special no connection and actually a couple of times I felt worse after having gone... if you are in need of physical healing & more like my case don't wait call Irene today you'll be glad you did."


From Greg Pierce

"I just finished a conversation with one of the most AMAZING friends a man could EVER hope for.  Irene Hall has been one of my biggest blessings in my entire life.  I have been carrying some heavy baggage with me lately.  So tonight I ask her for one of our talks and of course she was right there for me.  Irene you wisdom that you so generously share with me lifts me into that perfect direction EVERY TIME!  I am forever grateful to Stephen for making sure that he connected us before his journey continued!  With LOVE - GRATITUDE -&- LIGHT you shine on me!  I LOVE YOU!"


From Esther

"Thank you so much for all the health issues you’ve helped me deal with.  Most importantly I thank you for teaching me to listen to my body.  As I share my pain and other problems, your Touch Therapy and life coaching have made such a positive difference in the quality of my life.  What you do for me is far more informed and effective than most of my other healthcare providers.  When I called you in late May 2013, you offered to see me and consult on that Memorial Day.  And so I say to you, on behalf of all your grateful clients, please continue what you do for us."


From Merodee Smith

"After suffering with sciatica for 4 weeks a friend recommended that I make an appointment with Irene.  After my first massage, the sciatica was about 95% gone.  A week later I had a second massage and the sciatica disappeared.  Now, in order to maintain a pain free life, I schedule a monthly massage.  It is truly my favorite day of the month."


From Ralph Rafanelli

"I came to Palm Desert Healing Arts Center as a result of post surgery depression and a high level of inflammation in my body which seemed to stump the medical doctors as to a reason or cure for it. 

A full knee replacement left me depressed, anxious, and a feeling of being adrift. 

The surgery healed perfectly, but my mental state was in chaos. After several sessions with Irene, who used a varied approach to my problem, I began to turn around. I can honestly say that as of this writing, I feel healthier than I have for as long as I can remember. I will be forever grateful to Irene for her loving care."



From Sherry S.

"Dear Irene,

I just want to thank you for your loving treatment last Friday. I woke up Saturday feeling like a live spirit among the living. 

And I am reading the card (affirmation) that you gave me every time I think of it. Thank You. 

I cannot wait to see you in January! 

Much Love,"



From Genevieve


I just have to thank you for all you've done for Bill. He was in such bad shape. Your loving care certainly makes a big difference. Thanks for all you've done for me also; what a difference. You do so much more than my therapist!  All in all, you just make a person feel better." 



Cathi Taylor

"Dear Irene, 

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to visit your facility and receive such a relaxing massage. I truly enjoy coming to the Healing Arts Center because I am greeted with genuine warmth and caring each and every time. I feel very confident that when I send hotel guests to you that they will be well cared for. Thanks again and if you ever have any questions or needs please feel free to call on me at any time. "



Steve Wright

"Dear Irene, 

Just a note to express my thanks, for the rewarding session I received at the Healing Arts Center. I cannot thank you enough for your treatment. I am fully aware, you were unavailable, but kindly made arrangements for an appointment. Your professional expertise has had an immediate, positive impact on my condition. From this point on, I would like to be considered as a regular client, and fully intend on many repeat appointments. Once again, my thanks for the excellent results."



Esther Ali Spencer

"In May 2003, I was referred to Irene Hall by my chiropractor who believed Irene's deep tissue treatments could help ease the constant back pain I had been living with for a very long time. I had several treatments with Irene which did bring some relief, but then I was referred to a pain management clinic by my primary doctor, so I stopped seeing Irene regularly.

After much medication, some with frightening side effects, and physical therapy, none of which helped, I returned to Irene in even more pain than before. I've been receiving weekly treatments for several months now and the results have been very encouraging. I'm so grateful to be experiencing far less pain, tension and depression. Irene also provides counseling regarding good nutrition and a positive mental attitude.

I consider Irene Hall to be my very own miracle worker."



Sue Canavan

"Irene is my Angel on Earth!

My first experience with Irene was several years ago, through a friend, who was sick of witnessing my extreme discomfort. I had a neck that was forever in spasm! It was an ongoing problem that was not helped by relaxant medication or pain killers. Actually, nothing seemed to help. I finally agreed to have my friend make an appointment for me although, I admit at the time, I was a skeptic.

Irene made me feel relaxed the moment I met her. The way she talks to you and prepares you for your massage, you can tell she really has an interest in, not only what's going on with your body, but in who you are. The instant she laid her hands on me I realized I was going to be helped, and I was. She has helped me heal.

Having a massage with Irene, you can be assured of receiving, without doubt, the most wonderful therapeutic experience of your life. Plus, you will have the chance to meet a truly beautiful human being. "



Dale El Jothel

"Thank you so much for creating such a warm and inviting environment at the center. I have felt welcome since day one and I am grateful for the gracious hospitality that each of you have shown me." 



Barbara Hart, Author & Speaker

"I was recently fortunate enough to experience the loving, healing, hands of Irene; bringing me peace within moments of being in her presence. I gained so much in a short period of time Tragedy had just struck our family and I can truly tell you that my anxiety and stress level was at a fever pitch when I walked through Irene's door.

Irene's depth of knowledge, scientific approaches, and healing touch techniques are powerful. The magic and results that happened for me directly occurred, because of Irene helping me to remove the blocks and freed me from hooking into old negative energy. I left my one hour session with a personalized healing arts program showing me how to tap into my soul and heal it. I'm so much calmer and at peace. 

You just have to experience Irene to see it work in your life.

My beyond heartfelt gratitude to you Irene,"



Fernando J. Sanchez, Consulting Civil Engineer

"Irene Hall cured me of a severe neck problem that existed for 6 months. I was reluctant to seek medical help because two friends had undergone neck surgery with disastrous results. One was unable to eat after surgery and the other is now a paraplegic. For this reason I was willing to live with the pain that did not allow me to sleep well. After the first visit with Irene Hall, the pain dissipated but my neck was stiff. After the third visit I am pain free. Thank you Irene Hall."



Lauren Cardiff

"How do I even begin to explain how much Irene has made a huge positive influence in my life? Happiness is KEY in my life, and Irene has helped guide me in that direction with her loving support and knowledge of life. Thank you Irene for always supporting me and pointing me in the direction where I want to be in life. If you have questions or just need support, Irene is the lady to see, hands down!"



Robert Cardiff

"Irene Hall is nothing short of an angel. She has helped my family and I through tough times with the gentleness of her heart and the strength of her soul. Thank you Irene for being such a wonderful addition to our family."




"I have been going to Irene at the Palm Desert Healing Arts Center for the last two years; she has been a big part of my healing.  You could say I was a broken hearted soul with the weight of my past on my shoulders.  I had been going through life struggling with this over whelming anger.  I had gone through so much hurt, abandonment, abuse, and self-destruction that I some how became numb to it just trying to survive.  Irene was able to bring things to light guiding me to myself... that's right little by little through the body-work she administers."

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