How do you feel?   Do you feel sluggish? Would you like to have more energy?

More than ever there is a need to use natural therapies for health enhancement.  We at Palm Desert Healing Arts Center are proud to share a technique that is proving to be very effective for stress and pain management.  "Aroma Touch" therapy facilitated by Pam is now part of our program for "Self Care." Aroma Touch is not massage. It is a light touch modality used for a deeper relaxation with the use of essential oils. 

All about Pam

A life changing incident has lead Pam to use her Natural Healing talents to become a Health Advocate by way of "Aroma Touch" using Do Terra aromatherapy oils.


"I had my first oil treatment with Pam last week and was so pleasantly surprised!  It relaxed me totally.  The combination of the oils and the touch was amazing.  The treatment's affect lasted for a few days, I felt lighter, more centered and grounded.  Just what I needed.  Thank You Pam!"  -   Jim 

"I recently had the opportunity to experience one of Pam's new aromatherapy sessions.  I highly recommend this to anyone looking to alleviate any stress or strain they have been experiencing.  While Pam said early on in the session that she was not doing a massage, it certainly was the best massage I have had lately and the essential oils are the icing on the cake!" - Maria

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