About Us

The mission statement here is one of loving, caring, dedication to your healing. There is no life situation, no energy imbalance, no feelings too sensitive that a healing massage can′t buffer. Give yourself the gift that will take you into a new dimension with a healthy, positive and enlightened outlook. Feel the difference. Experience the real you! 


To give you the very best spiritually empowering and therapeutic massage. Our training is only part of the treatment, the other is our compassionate approach. 

We specialize in Pain Management for Chronic Pain such as:


Tennis Elbow                                          Fibromyalgia

Lower Back Pain                                    Neck Pain

Sciatica                                                    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Migraine Headaches                             Plantar Fasciitis

Frozen Shoulder                                    Rotator Cuff Injury

TMJ                                                           Tinnitus


    Services we provide:

Life Coaching

Therapeutic Massage 


Deep Tissue 


Hot Stone 

Ear Candling 




"Healing the body/mind and breaking the pattern of chronic pain!"




Irene Resendez-Hall, Founder


Irene Resendez-Hall, Holistic Health Practitioner/Certified Life Coach, has assisted clients for over 30 years making changes that create a healthier lifestyle without relying on medications for pain management.


Born in San Bernardino and a resident of the Coachella Valley since 1974, Irene studied Traditional Chinese methods of healing with two trips to China sponsored by the World Health Organization.  She has studied with different experts in the field of remedial massage and addresses the needs of people who suffer from neuropathy as a result of diabetes and is able to help those who live with chronic pain, post cancer care, and sports injuries.  Irene is also a certified Life Coach.  Areas of study include:  Acupressure, Process Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Qigong, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Myopathic, Life Coach.



Introducing Brenda


Brenda specializes in the art of Hot Stone Massage and various modalities to achieve the ultimate relaxation for pain and stress management. Hot Stone massage is very helpful as it incorporates the science of acupressure as in Chinese medicine. The hot lava stones (Basatt) are placed on specific points with warm oil to release taut muscles and improve circulation and the lymphatic system. As with Native Americans who used this method of applying these stone for various ailments, Brenda has developed a system that is sure to make a huge difference in improving mobility whether or not you are an avid sports enthusiast. 



                                                       Pam Maloof

A life changing incident led Pam to use her Natural Healing talents to become a Health Advocate by way of "Aroma Touch" using doTERRA aromatherapy oils.

More than ever there is a need to use natural therapies for health enhancement.  Pam is proud to share a technique that is proving to be very effective for stress and pain management.  "Aroma Touch" therapy is now part of our program for "Self Care." Aroma Touch is not a massage. It is a light touch modality used for a deeper relaxation with the use of essential oils. 

In addition to doTERRA essential oils Pam is proud to offer Hemp Oil a proven method for addressing several pain issues.


"I had my first oil treatment with Pam last week and was so pleasantly surprised!  It relaxed me totally.  The combination of the oils and the touch was amazing.  The treatment's affect lasted for a few days, I felt lighter, more centered and grounded.  Just what I needed.  Thank You Pam!"  -   Jim 

"After many restless nights suffering from 'restless leg syndrome', Pam recommended taking 4 drops of hemp oil before bedtime.  Amazing!  No more restless nights and no more restless leg syndrome"


"I have been using this Hemp Oil for less than a month and already noticed some results.  I have less pain in my hip and ankle, which has been chronic until now.  And it is a big relief to get a good night's sleep.  No more restless leg syndrome or anxiety.  Very happy with the product and how it has helped me."


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